Creating a crypto well versed world

About Us

Coincashy is a fast emerging cryptocurrency OTC desk serving and aiding instant buying and selling of digital currency. Now buy bitcoins and other cryptos in Dubai easily and securely with Coincashy.

Our Mission

We understand the different levels of understanding of how crypto exchange works amongst the people from all sorts of areas and we aim to bridge that gap and create an environment where everyone, from a beginner to pro, all are well versed with the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies.
At Coincashy we are always striving to provide the crypto users the most secure and seamless trading and exchange experience.

Who are we?

We are a crypto exchange OTC desk based in Dubai, facilitating easy and secure buying or selling of cryptocurrency. Users can make unlimited transaction with cash for trading the cryptocurrency and can also use credit or debit cards for the same. Coincashy team also provides free consultation and guidance pre and post transactions throughout the year.

Our values


We believe in keeping the process simple, user friendly and transparent for 100% customer satisfaction.


Our main priority is to let our customers know that we are always available whenever they need support or guidance.


We are proud that we are able to provide a secure network and interface for the users for carrying out all the transactions in a safe and secure manner.